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What would you think if you were told that there was a disease that took the lives of 11 children every day in this country? And, that this same disease causes 39 children every day to suffer serious brain damage? Certainly, you would hope that there would be resources dedicated to addressing the problem.

Drowning is the leading cause of death in 18 states; it is a nationwide problem, and is not localized to any one area. What is so tragic about a drowning death is that it is preventable. It can be prevented if a child is effectively supervised. It can be prevented if proper safeguards are in place, such as door locks and pool fences. And, if these safeguards fail, it can be prevented if a child knows what to do in an aquatic accident. With your help, we can put a stop to this epidemic that takes the lives of so many children each year.

Proceeds from The ‘Birdie’ Foundation go towards sponsoring lessons for ISR students, training new ISR Instructors and towards efforts to raise awareness for water safety and drowning prevention.

To date, the Trevor “Birdie” Davis Water Safety Foundation has sponsored 7 instructors and provided scholarships for 25 children.  There have been just over 900 children trained in ISR since January of 2008!

Donations may also be sent to:

The Trevor “Birdie” Davis Water Safety Foundation
c/o Cardinal Bank
8270 Greensboro Drive Suite 100
McLean , VA 22102

Wire transfers may be sent; interested parties should contact Jason Hill, Assistant Branch Manager, Cardinal Bank, at 703.584.3432

The Trevor “Birdie” Davis Water Safety Foundation is a 501-(c)(3) Charitable Foundation. Federal Tax ID #: 71-1009332