“No one even heard the splash, and just that quickly, Trevor was gone…”

The Trevor “Birdie” Davis Water Safety Foundation was founded June 2006, as a result of Trevor’s accidental drowning, when he was just 26 months old. The mission of the foundation is to save innocent lives through education and awareness of the hazards that water presents for both children and adults.  We are devastated over the loss of our son, and have made it our mission to help prevent other children and parents from having to experience this type of tragedy.

As parents, we want to teach our children that you turn a tragedy into something good, help others, and set a good example no matter what the circumstances. The “Birdie” Foundation provides ISR scholarships for children who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to go through ISR lessons for financial reasons. We are also proud to subsidize ISR Instructors by providing tuition sponsorships for their certification training.

The Trevor Birdie Water Safety Foundation has been able to sponsor ISR lessons for 25 children, sponsor tuition for 7 ISR Instructors, and as a result, it is estimated that the foundation has reached more than 1000 children. We know through our work that other families will not have to live through such a tragedy.

~ Brad & Amy Davis

The foundation may also support other worthy organizations that educate, support, and save the lives of children. Please contact birdiefoundation@gmail.com for more information.