The Davis Family

Since 2006, our family has grown. We are blessed and thankful to welcome our daughter, Dylan in 2008 and our son, Blake in 2010. In the devastation of losing a child, it is hard to imagine that you can pick up the pieces and try to rebuild but thankfully we were able to do it. Brandon is a wonderful big brother and continues to make us very proud.

Dylan and Blake will never be able to remember a time in their lives when they could not survive the tragedy that took their brother’s life. Trevor was and will always be one of the greatest blessings our family will ever have. Our commitment to ISR and our foundation will continue as a tribute to Trevor and the many lives that he will positively affect over the years.

As a family, we would like to thank all of the people that have supported us and the foundation. We have been able to make a difference in our community and our thanks to the amazing group of instructors that dedicate so much of their lives to teaching children these lifesaving skills. The letters and feedback continue to come in and it all starts with the “instructor experience”!

Again, thank you for your support of the Trevor “Birdie” Davis Water Safety Foundation.

“Working to protect children in and around the water.”